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Pick Your Time

If you are unable to find a time that suits please
email me: [email protected] or
text +61 411 318 490

*Note times are given in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney)

Pick Your Time


If you are unable to find a time that suits please
email me: [email protected] or
text +61 411 318 490

*Note times are given in Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney)

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  • Heart centred and compassionate 

  • Know the power of sharing and being held in a sacred space 

  • Ready to take responsibility for personal wellbeing 

  • Motivated to clear toxicity from life and self heal from inhibiting trauma 

  • Ready for a new conscious perspective on personal growth

Give yourself permission to have fun, be supported & heal from the inside out

Feeling alone?
Do you give to everyone around you before yourself?
Each Conscious Wellbeing group is uniquely crafted to bring together 8 women to optimise magical outcomes... 

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  • Another 'Yoga & Meditation' circle

  • We love Yoga and Meditation, but want to go much deeper. Our personal gifts and superpowers are found in our shadows. They are unearthed by courageously facing into our darkest corners. Healing requires resources and loving support to take the courageous step to do the inner personal work ourselves. We need safe spaces to be vulnerable, to uncover the hidden gems within. 

  • Focusing on bandaid fixes and outdated therapy approaches 

  • We recognise that the world is at a turning point and insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. What once worked no longer does. We give you a different conscious perspective, new tools and approaches to shift everything.

  • A fluffy chat fest

  • The Conscious Wellbeing Program is 3 transformational months of nourishing for your body, mind and soul where you are taken on a specific journey through all your bodies. You are guided to discover the root issues at a physical, mental and spiritual level to heal yourself. No power given to others to heal you in this program! Insights are gained through 1:1 sessions with Karen & Kate and in practical exercises in our group sessions which allows magical transformation to occur.


IS ...

  • For women who want to truly shift their lives

  • Where you are ready to do some deep inner work. Willing to face into your shadows and put your own oxygen mask on first to enable magical outcomes to unfold in your life.

  • For women seeking to expand consciousness

  • Whether working or at play we are one person, yet often we put on different masks. If you yearn to bring alignment and authenticity into every moment of your life, the Conscious Wellbeing Program is about expanding that awareness and developing the language to share who you are in every moment.

  • A community for authentic sharing, experiencing and playing together 

  • A sacred space to be held, loved, seen and heard by others that value community. The Conscious Wellbeing Program provides a unique environment where you can safely play, free from the constraints of your home environment. To experience the joy of a shared meal every month and the profound outcomes and breakthroughs, that come from vulnerable conscious enquiry. Supported by the loving guidance of Kate & Karen.

  • A sacred circle to manifest 'Wild Visions'

  • What legacy do you wish to leave? What is your deepest purpose? Wild Visions are seeded by thoughts and grow from a collective of people drawn to nurture the vision. Imagine what can be achieved when a collective of capable conscious women come together! Are you game?

Come With Us On A Journey

Conscious Wellbeing Program members hold the intention to thrive, seeking a group of other smart capable women to support them as they do the deepest personal transformational work to shift their lives....


Nourish your Body, Mind & Soul with...

Monthly Conscious Wellbeing Circles & Meal

TRUST is key to authentic collaboration. Great care is taken to welcome you to your Conscious Wellbeing Group and establish a psychologically safe circle to share your transformations. Members get to know each other over 3 months through the shared experience of food in a lovely setting. Karen & Kate facilitate a process of immersive questioning and play to lead you to breakthrough moments of magic. Expect the unexpected. High doses of intuition partnered with years of wellbeing experience will unfold new truths to be explored together. You will gain a whole new perspective on your body, mind and soul.

Forge deep bonds of new friendship

Get connected...

Welcome Kit & Private Community Group

Personal growth is key to shifting collective consciousness and sits at the centre of the Conscious Wellbeing ethos. You will receive some special gifts in a welcome kit to support your journey. 

As we start to resonate as energetic BEings dusting off the cobwebs, our energy shifts causing a ripple effect on those around us. Conscious Wellbeing Members have a private LinkedIn Group and digital healing portal to access tools, tips and exercises and share ideas and insights on the journey to keep everyone integrated into a connected community.

Share insights and loving encouragement

Personal Conscious Expansion...

2 x's One on One Personal Transformation Sessions

Each Conscious Wellbeing Member receives 2 private healing packages over the period of the 3 months and support to create a personal 90 day personal Wellbeing Plan to continue growth:

NATUROPATHY NERVOUS SYSTEM RESET WITH KATE - Our nervous system creates the core foundation for our overall physical system regulation and is key to creating a sense of ease and flow in the body - to counter anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. Kate brings her years of expertise to craft a unique naturopathy remedy specifically for your body to promote calm and balance in your body, from which all wellbeing can flourish.

RTT HYPNOTHERAPY PACKAGE WITH KAREN - Get to the root cause of a key emotional issue that holds you back in life. Karen will guide you into your subconscious mind to identify and eliminate the programs that have unwittingly held you back. As part of the package you receive a pre-session audio to set you up for success. A 2 hour face to face or virtual if you prefer to be in your own home Hypnotherapy session, followed up by a personal recording and post session debrief. Then sit back and observe the amazing shifts unfolding in your life.

90 day growth plan



Karen Wood

Karen is passionate about finding the light in everyone, to awaken your inner brilliance! She is a transformational alchemist caring very much about bringing the whole picture into perspective to enable you to thrive. Balancing Intuitive Insight with practical working solutions to enable significant shifts to occur in your work and play. Karen is a global citizen – born as a Brit, had her family in NZ, lived in Canada, and now loves Sydney welcoming the newest family member Lexie her Sheepadoodle! Ask her about her own journeys through consciousness, including downloads of light language. Karen utilises hypnotherapy, Reiki and energy codes to create a safe and magical container for powerful transformation to occur. She will love the ‘hell’ out of you, to enable you to grow into a more expansive version of yourself.

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Kate O'Flynn

Kate is a leading expert in women’s wellbeing and empowerment, Fellowed by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine representing the highest levels of expertise and peer recognition available for health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine. Kate's core purpose is to inspire you to feel deeply connected to wellness and to be empowered to embody healthy living.

She recognises the importance of integrating western and natural medicine and supports you on your journey by blending evidence based medicine, experience and knowledge. Kate draws on nutritional and herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications and personal empowerment to achieve long lasting change. Kate is a practising Naturopathic Clinician, Lifestyle Medicine Expert and Vedic Meditation Teacher. 

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Join the Conscious Wellbeing Program


  • Discover the real you & discard the stories of unworthiness, not enoughness, not lovable, non trusting etc

  • Explore your personal purpose and journey into your higher conscious gifts      

  • Connect with a group of women who don't judge or blame or shame and have your back

  • Shake off the lethargy and anxiety to brighten your body, mind and soul  

  • Add this monthly rhythm in your calendar for self nurture, creativity and playful interaction to support your personal well being 

  • Build your conscious language to raise awareness within your family and create a ripple of greater impact to those you love...